Some of chaga's purported benefits:  Anti-viral • Anti-bacterial • Anti-inflammatory • Anti-microbial • Anti-aging • A powerful adaptogen • Studies show chaga shrinks tumors • Battles psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, arthritis • An immunity booster • Delicious!

Chaga must be brewed at a low temperature over a long period of time or it will not be effective!

Chaga can be used again and again. Add a handful to around 48-64  oz. of pure spring water, preferably in a crock pot on low. It will float for a while, until it absorbs the water and starts to decoct. Do not boil, just keep on low for several hours until it yields a deep, rich, reddish-brown brew. If the brew is black, or if you pour it in a glass and you can’t see through the glass, you’ve made it too strong, and it will taste bitter, so better to start with too little – you can always add more!

You may use a crock-pot or Dutch oven, a glass coffee maker, or a stainless or ceramic pot. A ladle and strainer are good items to use with chaga brew. It can remain on low heat for up to two weeks, as long as it remains covered, or heat as needed. As you enjoy, simply add fresh water to the pot and continue to drink.

Chaga has little to no discernible taste, and may be enjoyed warm or iced, plain or flavored with organic products like honey, lemon, fresh mint, spices, or any other natural addition.

From your kettle, you can fill glass containers to store at room temperature or refrigerate, if you prefer your tea cold or want it ready to "grab and go." In between use, chunks may be rinsed, air-dried, and stored in a dark, cool, moisture-free place for future brewing. When your chaga no longer yields a rich brown color (when it is the color of typical iced tea), simply discard, clean kettle, and prepare a new batch with fresh chaga.

We are happy you have joined us in using chaga tea to maintain a healthy, vigorous lifestyle while strengthening your immune system. Testimonials are appreciated, as are any questions you may have. You can contact us at, and please like us on Facebook!

Debbie Falborn and Bridget LeRoy, partners in health.

 THIS PRODUCT MAKES NO CLAIMS TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, or CURE DISEASE. As with any product, consult your health care practitioner prior to beginning. Chaga tea may increase the effects of insulin and anti-coagulants. FDA-approved.