Chaga Island Founders

DEBBIE FALBORN - R.N., Private Nurse

BRIDGET LEROY - Certified Herbalist, Life Coach, Writer

Debbie Falborn is a Registered Nurse, healer, and self-proclaimed "kitchen alchemist." She has been practicing in Eastern Long Island for 35 years, providing a full range of care from pediatrics to palliative care . It is her home-care business that allowed her to incorporate both her traditional medical training and her love of wellbeing and nutritional healing.

She has seen first-hand the results of chaga tea use, and its healing properties from its resulting treatment of immune deficiency, neuropathy, pain and cancer. Her mission is to make it available to everyone who understands the importance of making themselves resistant to existing environmental and edible toxins that we are continually bombarded with. For those who are not "Chaga Aware," Debbie and Bridget are committed to educating and helping as many people as possible.

Debbie is currently living in Southold, NY. She has two daughters and two grandchildren. She is now adding "chaga lady' to her resume. She's on a mission to give everyone the opportunity to be their most youthful, healthiest, and strongest selves.

Bridget LeRoy has been a captain of industry, co-founder of newspapers, children museums, owner of a large New Hamsphire inn and restaurant, and has sat on many boards of hospitals and other organizations. She has also been a goat-herder, crazy chicken lady, nude model, ordained minister, and has received her certification in advanced herbalism from the Herbal Academy of New England, along with being a certified raw foods chef, SoulCollage facilitator,  and a Reiki II practitioner.

Bridget has decided to sell chaga to really help others. "This is the real thing," she says. "My son got mono and after four days of drinking chaga tea, it was completely gone. The doctor was amazed." Bridget and her family drink chaga daily and have had no illness, canker sores, Lyme disease, or any allergies or inflammatory illnesses since they began. "I am a full-hearted believer," says Bridget. "This is a miracle product."

Debbie and Bridget have been friends for over 25 years and after falling out of touch due to moves and so on, recently discovered they both lived in Moriches. "There are no coincidences," says Bridget. Debbie introduced Bridget to chaga, and that was the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

Bridget lives in Moriches with her husband, Eric Johnson, and their three children, Georgia, Joel, and Bing, along with a parrot, a dozen chickens, two pups, two cats, ,and an extensive organic garden.